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* The Total Loan Amount will be calculated based on your Desired Loan Amount, Term of the Loan and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Due to high volatility, the collateral amount based on 35% LTV of our perception of the yearly minimal price of the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Total Loan Amount includes all fees associated with your transactions. In order to receive the collateral back, total Loan Amount must be discharged on maturity date. The loan maturity date will be indicated on the final loan agreement. Email notification will be sent 30 days prior date of discharge.


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  • “Innovative. Convenient. Impactful. This is just want the crypto industry needed.”

    Jonathan I, Canada
    Love the Idea!
  • “Great service to use if you would like to use fiat to meet working capital requirements and business expenses.”

    Phillip B, USA
    Business Financing
  • Get paid for spreading the word about It’s a win-win trade. Just open an affiliate account and start making money the same day!

    Akuba A, Ghana
    Affiliate Program
  • “No monthly payments, just pay on your own terms. That’s awesome.”

    Dennis R, Canada
    Flexible Tems
  • “Fast approval, Great customer service. No hidden fees. I would definitely use in future”

    Chanchai A, Thailand
    Fast Service!
  • “This is a great way to borrow fiat to reinvest in any cryptocurrencies, without losing the coins you already have.”

    Elizabeth F, Canada
    Access to FIAT
  • “I have always been curious about investing in Bitcoins, but I never knew where to start. Thanks to Loanz consulting team, they took me through the step by step process of buying bitcoins using my credit card or cash.”

    Amandi H, Nigeria
    Crypto Investments
  • “I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get more out of their crypto, without selling their crypto.”

    Richard W, USA
    Loans Service Advantages

  • Easy and Hassle Free Application Process
  • Approval in 48 hours or less
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Instant Funds Transfer
  • Secured - Crypto Stored in Cold Wallets

  • FAQ's

    How does a loan work?

  • Apply and receive a decision in less than 48 hours
  • Review your loan offer and sign the loan agreement
  • Transfer collateral to loanz's secure storage wallet
  • Receive your loan via a wire to your bank account
  • Pay off the principal in one payment at the end of the term

    How is my collateral secured? stores your cryptocurrency through offline cold storage held in our secured, private facility.
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