Loan Eligibility

1Why should I use Loanz.io?
You should use Loanz.io service if you are a holder of digital assets seeking cash liquidity without liquidation or if you are interested in accessing the digital-asset credit market.
2Am I eligible for a Loanz.io loan?
To be eligible for a Loanz.io loan, you must hold a crypto assets such as bitcoin or etherium. There is no membership or purchase of a token needed.
3Can I take out more than one loan at a time?
You are only permitted to have one unique, outstanding loan product at a time.
4How do I become a borrower?
You must follow a few simple steps to create an account with loanz.io. We do not perform a credit check on borrowers, we do perform full Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Once a member has been verified as eligible, a loan can be requested and processed.
5How much can I borrow?
The amount you can borrow depends on the value of the crypto assets you have to post as collateral.
6How quickly do I receive fiat money?
You can expect to receive swift communication from loanz.io notifying you on your loan’s pending approval with accompanying instructions for posting collateral. Once collateral has been posted, your loan proceeds will be sent via ACH transfer to your bank account. Depending on your bank’s internal processes, settlement of the loan proceeds may take up to seven days. The distribution of loan proceeds can be expedited for an additional fee.
7What countries is your product available in?
Our platform is available worldwide.

General Questions

1Where is my asset held for the duration of the loan?
A portion of the collateral will be held in a highly secure, multi-signature “hot wallet” for the purposes of managing collateral valuation volatility. The remainder will be held in cold storage.
2What documentation is required for ID verification?
As part of Loanz.io's Know-Your-Customer, Anti-Money Laundering & Suitability requirements, a verified identification document may be required. We recommend uploading a photo of your valid passport, drivers license or other government issued document. If the document does not have a photo ID, please upload a photo of yourself holding this document. You will receive an email from a Loanz.io representative if there are any issues with your identification documents. Loanz.io will never ask for your personal identification documents over email. Please allow a minimum of 12 hours for us to perform verification.
3How does Loanz.io use my data?
Loanz.io is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected of those individuals that visit our website and make use of our Platform accurate, confidential, secure and private. As part of our business, we are required to verify the identity of members who apply for a financial product through our platform.
4Is Bitcoin secure?
The Bitcoin network and currency has proven to be secure, functional, and efficient. The technology used to build Bitcoin is secured by the laws of mathematics, and is constantly being improved upon by the open-source community. The software is actively inspected, and audited by this company and many others.
5I sent funds to the wrong address, how do I get them back?
Due to the irreversible nature of digital asset transfers, any funds sent to the wrong address cannot be retrieved. Please double check all addresses before making a payment.
6What can I use a Loanz.io loan for?
You can use a Loanz.io loan for any personal, business, or household purpose.
7Can I borrow in crypto?
Yes, our members are able to borrow in a number of national currencies and cryptocurrencies.