Verification Guide

Identity Verification

Example of international passport required for verification.

As soon as user submit loan request form and your email is verified, user receive an email with a link to verify identity and address by uploading required documents.

Note: all scans of documents and photos should be in jpg, jpeg, png or pdf formats. Size of each file is not to exceed 3Mb.

The following documents are accepted for verification of identity:

  • international passport
  • national ID card
  • driver license

The following documents are not accepted for verification of identity:

  • voter’s card
  • residence permit (only as addition to other documents)
  • health insurance card
  • professional ID cards
  • student ID cards

Passport or ID card provided for verification should contain the following information:

  1. Issuing country
  2. Identity document serial number
  3. Document issue date
  4. Gender
  5. First name
  6. Last Name
  7. Date of birth
  8. Place of birth
  9. Expiration date

Address verification

Example of the Utility Bill.

For address verification are accepted the following documents:

  • utility bills (water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, etc.)
  • bank statement
  • mobile phone bill
  • cable bill
  • credit card statement, etc.

Utility bill / bank statement or any other bill provided for verification has to match the following criteria:

  • it has to be a copy of paper (not online) bill
  • bill has to be in the name of the user
  • bill has to contain user address
  • bill has to contain date (for the last 2 months).


After you upload documents for verification, our Verification team will carefully check them within 1 business day. If any additional documents are required, you will be notified.